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Research on Climate Inaction

After a professional degree in business and management, I joined a research master's in sustainable development. My passion: understanding the absurdism of the behaviours of climate inaction, and how action can become the coherent reflex.


I try to use cognitive sciences literature to give my answers and thoughts on some of the questions that sometimes get us hopeless about this cause. My main thought: our mind's abilities are incredible, and I wish we could benefit from these to rethink our dysfunctional models. More generally, I like to write about the fact that, even though we might feel like it sometimes, we're not alone in this struggle.


The origin of the website was sharing my portfolio of travel photography. I love finding the most insignicant details of a landscape and focus on them so as to emphasize how I remember this particular detail or experience. A bench that stands out in the middle of the urban population, a statue that almost seems human, a flower that reminds me most of the country... I mostly traveled in Europe, and hope to keep traveling ! By train, of course, no plane anymore...

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All photos are mine.

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